Sapphires pest management provides Aircraft Dis infestation services primarily in lagos Nigeria.


The recent Swine Flu & SARS outbreak has highlighted the need for airlines to ensure that aircraft are disinfected following the transportation of suspected SARS or swine flu infected passengers. This company is able to provide localized disinfection of specific zones within an aircraft or complete disinfection of the entire cabin which may be required in addition to the normal cleaning and disinfection procedures carried out on board by aircraft cleaning contractors. The disinfectants used are approved by aircraft manufacturers, operators and the Port Health Authorities in Nigeria and are known to inactivate viruses with physical and biochemical properties similar to SARS.


Dis-infestation is a procedure whereby all galleys, bars, amenity stowage's and toilets etc., are spray treated with an approved insecticide to control possible infestations of crawling insects i.e. cockroaches. These treatments are normally carried out on a monthly or 6-8 weekly scheduled basis either to coincide with hangar inputs or are carried out on the ramp when down time allows. We also respond to any call-out treatments that are required following Tech. Log entries for either Cockroach or Biting Insect infestation that have emerged during operations. We do try to respond as soon as possible but due to tight turn rounds it is sometimes impractical and therefore we arrange for treatments when an aircraft returns. (A Deferred Defect can be raised and if notice is given, treatment can be carried out when the Aircraft returns).

On long-haul Aircraft it is a mandatory requirement to have Dis-infestation Treatments carried out and also recommended to conform with any future legislation i.e. food hygiene regulations etc. It is also included in the World Health Organization Recommendations on the Disinsecting of Aircraft.


Health authorities in many countries are becoming increasingly concerned about the potentially deadly risks of malaria carried into their territory by “jet-setting” mosquitoes that travel on international flights. It is a mandatory World Health Organization (WHO) requirement on specific routes that Airlines use either aerosol disinfection spray cans during the flight while passengers are on board or alternatively ensure the entire aircraft cabin is treated with an approved residual insecticide on a scheduled basis. This company is able to provide this service in Nigeria and is also approved by NIS.

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